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MegaBass Lure

MegaBass Lure

Megabass lures are some of the best lure ever made.   We recommend the Ito Vision 110, in Pro Blue, and Deadly Black Shad. These lures are fantastic, and more importantly, just feel lucky when you cast them in to a bass filled lake or stream.  They are so prized that in some circles they are considered collector’s items. Megabass has lots of styles of lures and the griffons and cyclones are great lures too. They Cyclon and Griffon are both small crankbaits that are great in cover and snag easily. They come in a variety of great colors, and are all hand painted in Japan.

Megabass Lures can be on the expensive side.  Much more than standard lures or live bait.  However, once you see their quality and reliability, you will realize that they are worth the price.  You get what you pay for, and the Megabass lure is no exception.  The lures are handmade, and hand painted, and not just designed to be a shiny waste of money.  They are designed to allow you to catch as many bass as you can.  We highly recommend them.  Try a a Pop Max or a dog X jr for your first try.  They are a little less expensive but work great!

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